Yuletide Bounty
Yuletide Bounty
Yuletide Bounty

Yuletide Bounty

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This stunning LARGER SIZED enchanting wreath has many elements that make it a compelling artistic choice for your home.

A beautiful vintage mid century caribou figure, as well as over a dozen citrine qyartz points, a white aurafied gold coated druzy.

This wreath has 5 red aura lemurian crystals hanging down.

The wreath itself measures about 12" in diameter roughly, and the whole wreath from top to longest Crystal is roughly 20".

Features beautiful dried natural flowers, as well as lavender, many harvested and dried from local resources, as well as mid-century modern vintage or modern plastic flowers.

Stones featured are Lemurian, labradorite, angel druzy, and a genuine angel aura point from the lovely Midnight Crystal Auras.

A beautiful stained glass moon is featured in this wreath created by Wicked Stained Glass

Lemurian quartz is considered to be a Master Crystal, as they are associated with all of the chakras, and all astrological signs. A great piece that encompasses healing everyone can benefit from.

Labradorite is useful for increasing the connections between the physical and ethereal, in keeping with labradorite meaning in folklore. Spiritual growth is enhanced and strengthened by the use of labradorite, and is suitable for all zodiacs.

Hanging from this spectacular wreath is a stained glass crescent moon from Wicked Stained Glass Design.

Wreath is 11" from top to bottom. From top to longest point of bottom chain, the piece measures roughly 30".

Let this stunning piece delight you while blessing your home and helping you vibrate at your optimal frequency!

100 percent cruelty-free.

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