Payment plan

First, we'd like to thank you for your interest in Mushroom Maven. You are important to us, and your shopping ease and purchase experience is of paramount importance to us.

Our payment plan is simple. All amulets $35.00 and over are eligible for the payment plan. For example, if an amulet is $108.00, payments can be broken down into 5 payments for you to pay at your leisure over the next 60 days, if an amulet is $35.00, it will be broken down into two payments maximum. The first payment is required within 24 hours of the request, which acts as a deposit.

A one-time $5.00 transaction fee will be added to the overall amount of your payment plan. This only covers the additional transaction fees charged by our third party ecommerce transaction provider. We do not make a profit off of his at all—amulets broken up into two payments are only charged $3.00.

You will not be chased down for payments. You make payments at your leisure and convenience, as we want our payment plans to fit seemlessly and easily into your life. When last payment is made, your item will be dispatched on the closest Tuesday or Friday, and yes, world wide shipping is still at no cost to you!

You will only be messaged regarding your payment plan if 60 days has passed. If more time is needed, you simply email us to let us know, preferably in advance. A maximum of two more weeks can be granted, and may be subject to an additional charges. Communication is key, so we urge patrons to reach out to us through email with any updates.

Payments are nonrefundable and non-transferable, but please email us if something comes up on your end. While we are a small business and need to keep it profitable and running smoothly so we can continue to bring you beautiful amulets, your happiness is important to us!

Payments made on a payment plan reserved for someone else by mistake will not be refunded as reserved items are listed as such with a banner across the image.

If you are interested in a Mushroom Maven amulet, please get in touch to set up your payment plan! The most sincere thank you for choosing Mushroom Maven.

NOTE: Coupon codes cannot be applied to payment plans. If a glitch occurs and a coupon gets through, the payment will have to be cancelled. IF YOU HAVE A COUPON CODE OR GIFT CERTIFICATE YOU'D LIKE HONORED, PLEASE MENTION THAT AT THE TIME OF PAYMENT PLAN REQUEST\ S—CAN BE APPLIED TO ONE PAYMENT ONLY. FLASH SALE ITEMS ARE NOT ELRGIBLE FOR PAYMENT PLANS. Payments are not transferable from one product to another.

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