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This is a Mushroom Maven™ Manifest Your Journey™ premium amulet. This sacred piece comes with a manifestation narrative which includes details such as the meaning of the name selected, healing qualities of the stones used, the moon in which it was created under, reigning astrological element, associated tarot card, spirit number, and journey/intention mantra.

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Daliah is a stunning female wolf spirit totem, especially made for Tessa, to assist her on her light-filled journey.

Daliah is Hebrew for "tree branch," and this name symbolizes strength through growth, as we reach out to the sky towards our fullest potential, while never abandoning our roots.

The leaves are a symbol of renewal, that double as feathers. The interpretation of feathers we have chosen for Daliah is that of fragility, and delicate beauty, but the capability to protect and keep the ones we love emotionally warm.

The twin leaves/feathers represents the duality of Gemini, the twins. Gemini strengths are communication, curiosity, and a light hearted demeanor.

Purple is a regal color, and it ignites passion, while keeping us soothed at our base. It's an active color with a delightful energy.

Daliah is adorned with a precious moonstone, which brings hope, enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities, is a great stone for anyone who years to search for deeper meanings, and unravel my mysteries life brings forth.

This piece is unique, handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind, lovingly made by hand. No molds were used.

Made of clay, Mushroom Maven amulets are strong, hand painted, and sealed with a high end sealant for many years of love and enjoyment. There are fragile elements, such as glass, stone, moss, or crystal. Special care must be taken to ensure there natural elements can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Treat with gentleness and respect— keep away from excess cold or heat, and store out of direct sunlight. Colors are as shown but may appear slightly different on screen. Water resistant, however, please do not submerge.

Amulets are lovingly packed and mailed in 3—5 business days once payment has cleared. Items are shipped with tracking. Once it leaves our hands, we can't be held responsible for a lost item. Please keep in mind that my items are shipping out of Canada. It generally takes 7—14 business days, but clearing customs can sometimes take more time.

If an item arrives damaged, please send us a photo of the damage, and we will take it from there. Please note—this is a high end jewelry item, and not a toy. Not for intended for children under 12.