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Hi Elizabeth, thank you for choosing my shop. This amulet will take 7 days to complete after deposit is made, and will be shipped on the closest Tuesday or Friday. I am truly honored. Thank you.

Meet Lunette, a stunning moth amulet, hand crafted and sealed with a high gloss finish.

Lunette features a beautiful nebula scene, with raised stars and moon. Metallic paints complement the scene.

Each little strand of fur of Lunette's fur was painstakingly hand sculpted and placed in perfect form, cradling the most magnificent blue labradorite which is useful with increasing the connections between the physical and ethereal, keeping with labradorite meaning in folklore. Spiritual growth is enhanced and strengthened by the use of labradorite, and is suitable for all zodiacs. She's also accented with a magenta and dark green Swarovski crystal.

Personally, as the creator of this piece, I the moth is a beautiful reminder to keep positive in the face of adversity, particularly social adversity. The brightest lights attract moths. Moths are not bad people, but rather people accustom to darkness and are seeking your light to guild them into the light. The moth is a beautiful creature signifying your most precious inner light that shines bright to others, and the night scene is a reminder that we can find beauty even in our darkest hours.

Lunette is suspended by vegan cord by both her wings. She rests nicely just below the collar bones.

This piece is unique, handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind, lovingly made by hand. No molds were used.

Made of clay, Mushroom Maven amulets are strong, hand painted, and sealed with a high end sealant for many years of love and enjoyment. There are fragile elements, such as glass, stone, moss, or crystal. Special care must be taken to ensure there natural elements can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Treat with gentleness and respect— keep away from excess cold or heat, and store out of direct sunlight. Colors are as shown but may appear slightly different on screen. Water resistant, however, please do not submerge.

Amulets are lovingly packed and mailed in 3—5 business days once payment has cleared. Items are shipped with tracking. Once it leaves our hands, we can't be held responsible for a lost item. Please keep in mind that my items are shipping out of Canada. It generally takes 7—14 business days, but clearing customs can sometimes take more time.

If an item arrives damaged, please send us a photo of the damage, and we will take it from there. Please note—this is a high end jewelry item, and not a toy. Not for intended for children under 12.