Manifest Your Journey™

I decided to offer the Mushroom Maven™ Manifest Your Journey™ narratives with my premium amulets because I believe the sacred journey of manifestation is an all encompassing and never ending one. I've been diligently creating amulets with mindful love and intention since the beginning, meticulously keeping track of the dates digitally, while often pondering how the moon and season affect my creations. It's now that I have the confidence and ability to offer the whole healing companion narrative of these beautifully created pieces from my heart.

Mushroom Maven™ Manifest Your Journey™ premium amulets come with a sacred narrative which includes details such as the meaning and roots of the name selected, healing qualities of the stones used, the moon in which it was created under, reigning astrological element, associated tarot card, spirit number, and journey/intention mantra. Some of this information is already on the Mushroom Maven shop listings to help you feel if the piece and narrative is a good fit for your journey, but many of these details are held private and sacred just for you, arriving alongside your amulet printed in a beautiful card, sealed in an envelope.

I'm proud and thrilled to offer you another facet to these sacred amulets! It is my hope that the unique Manifest Your Journey™ premium amulet collection, along with sacred narrative will help ignite your soul, provide you with a staff to channel your capabilities, and assist you in vibrating at your most optimal level—so very sacredly you!

Note: only items that feature a Manifest Your Journey message on the product listing come with a Manifest Your Journey narrative. This is not featured on all products.